Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Animated Thoughts: Miku Expo 2022 Rewind

Had another unexpected animation event occur this month. I loaded up Facebook to see what my friends were up to and was presented with an advertisement for another online Mike Expo concert for the following week.

Well, far be it from me to miss out on some Vocaloid action -- especially from the comfort of my own home theater!

This concert was to be a little different from prior ventures. Instead of broadcasting a show (pre-recorded or otherwise), they did a 'greatest hits' screening that included live-action footage from in-person concerts along with footage from the pre-recorded Miku Expo 2021 show that was streamed on the internet.

All I can say is: you know that it's going to be a good show when the first four songs they play were some of your favorite Hatsune Miku songs of all time.

In order, the set list was:

Sharing the World - BIGHEAD
Glass Wall - GuitarHeroPlanoZero
Ten Thousand Stars - CircusP
Blue Star - Hachioji P
12funclub - mikito P
Venus di Ujung Jarl - mohax
Music Like Magic! - OSTER project
Decade - Dixie Flatline
Miku - Anamanaguchi
Buraikku Jikorizer - Jizasu-P(WONDERFUL*OPPORTUNITY!)
ungray days - tsumiki
Inappropriate Lady - OSTER project
Reload Words - sat(Katakuna-P)
Highway Lover - mikito P
Highlight - KIRA
Thousand Little Voices - Vault Kid & Flanger Moose
Lucky*Orb - emon(Tes.)

Out of respect for the content creators, I won't post any of the video recordings that people have made of the event, rather the trailer for Miku Expo 2022 is below. With the song listing above, it should be pretty easy for anyone to jump on YouTube and explore the songs that were played during this concert.

One of the real interesting things that they did for this event was host a virtual museum of artwork and videos from prior concerts and a timeline of Miku Expo, but in a VR style setting. As of this writing, the MIKU EXPO Rewind Gallery is still live and accessible through the following link (https://paint.mikuexpo.com/rwgallery/), but I have no idea how long it'll be around. I found the navigation to be rather clunky but the overall experience was a fun one and brought back some great memories from Detroit, Toronto, and my own home theater.

I actually had an idea for something similar like this back in the mid-90's using VRML, the Virtual Reality Markup Language, but never had the opportunity to explore it. I'm rather excited seeing how others have had the same idea and run with it. I can't wait to see how Miku evolves as time progresses, the technology evolves, and people explore their creativity using the Vocaloids.

Yay!! Miku!!

* * *