Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Enchanted by the Flint Institute of Arts

So my housemate discovered a fantasy exhibit close to town. Over at the Flint Institute of Arts, they had an exhibit titled "Enchanted: History of Fantasy Illustration". I was busy, and it never seemed to be the right time, but over Thanksgiving break, I finally had a short block of free time so off to Flint I went.

I have to say that while I enjoyed the exhibit thoroughly, I must admit that I was hoping for a little more Frank Frazetta. An exhibit on fantasy illustration and only one Frazetta painting? Well, I guess that this just means I need to plan out a trip to the Frazetta Art Museum in Pennsylvania or the Frazetta Art Gallery in Florida.

The following are a couple of my favorites from the exhibit.

"Rose Red", 2013
Dan Dos Santos

"A Princess of Mars", 2012
Mark Zug

"Maelstrom", 2015
Eric Velhagen

"Mulan", 2018
Eric Velhagen

"Conan and Red Sonja", 2022
Bob Layton

"Dungeons & Dragons", 1977
David C. Sutherland III

Definitely need to visit this exhibition again. There was so much to see that I don't really feel like I had to take it all in. Perhaps on my birthday...

* * *