Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Animated Inspiration: Simon's Cat "Screen Grab"

So my neighbor has this cat that she leaves outside all the time, all year round. When asked, the story I got was that it was because the cat kept peeing in the house. Understandable, I suppose, but when you have four kids under the age of five and your sister has a really nasty dog that she keeps indoors, it doesn't surprise me that the cat was acting out.

At any rate, I discovered evidence that 'Tuna'* spent the better part of the winter living in my shed. And this spring, for reasons unknown, my neighbor abandoned her house and moved out in the space of, like, two days. On the one hand, I'm sorry to see her go cause she was the best neighbor we had living there since the house was built. On the other hand, she abandoned the cat.

After a discussion with my roommate about the ups and downs of cat ownership, we began the process of feeding Tuna and letting her into the house for as long as she wants to be inside. Hopefully, by the time winter rolls around, she'll be used to using the litterbox again and will want to stay inside where it's warm. So, I guess I've got a cat now. She's friendly and well behaved so far, but I'm hoping that I won't have to deal with situations like in the new Simon's Cat. :3

* My roommate and I call her 'Tuna' because since she moved in, my yard has been free of mice and moles. To reinforce her good behavior, every time she left a mole or a mouse on the front porch, we'd give her a can of tuna.