Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Animated Thoughts: An Animated October, Part Three

Several days after arriving home from Toronto, I was on the road again--this time to Grand Rapids and ASIFA/Central's International Animation Day screening. Fellow ASIFA/Central member Brad Yarhouse spent months sifting through the films that ASIFA members from all around the world submitted for our branches to select from and organize our own local screenings.

There were some really enjoyable films there including "History of the Olympic Games" from ASIFA/Atlanta and "Brave Adventure" from ASIFA/China, both of which unfortunately haven't been posted online yet (to my knowledge). However, three of my favorites were:

"A Common Place"
Representing ASIFA/Brazil, this film was very touching and melancholy. During the entire film, I wasn't sure if it was about a friendship between two people or a tale of love lost.
A common place / Um lugar comum from Split Filmes on Vimeo.

"Little Kalari Warriors"
Representing ASIFA/India, this one had a very nice "Samurai Jack" feel to it in the animation, art direction, and narration.

"Kung Fu Cooking Girls"
Representing ASIFA/China, a battle between the traditional and the modern, told in classic Kung Fu style--though visually, very Japanese animation.
Original Animation film Kung Fu Cooking Girls from WOLF SMOKE STUDIO on Vimeo.

Also worthy of note is that one of the films submitted from ASIFA/China is currently in the running for an academy award: "I saw mice burying a cat", directed by Dmitry Geller.

I looked at my calendar as I arrived home that night and realized that the Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema was just three short weeks away. Time to recover before four days packed with animated feature films!