Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Animated Inspiration: Skhizein

One of the smarter animations I've seen at the festivals, French animator Jérémy Clapin has graciously posted his animated film 'Skhizein' on Vimeo. Though his website is in French, the following description is paraphrased from Bing's English translation: 'the main character is struck by a meteorite and, as a result, is dimensionally shifted 91 centimeters off center.'

This is one of those films that you want to bring home from the festivals just so you can share it with all your friends. 'Skhizein' blurs the lines between fantasy and reality and leaves you wondering if what the character experiences is real (in the context of the world he lives in) or if it's just a metaphor for some mental illness or life changing experience he's trying to deal with.