Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Animated Inspiration: ASIFA/East Signal Film

Since ASIFA/East's 43rd Annual Animation Festival was last weekend, here's the signal film for those of us who couldn't make it out to New York.

This cute little film was created by a pair of animators who graduated from SVA's animation program: Chris Conforti from Square Footage Films (you may remember his film 'Frog' on the second Avoid Eye Contact DVD) and Kristen Chiappone (also a fellow Blogspot user). As the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International is on hiatus, it's great to see fellow ASIFA chapters holding their own animation festivals. While KAFI wasn't an ASIFA produced festival, per se, we did do our best to help out by running lectures and workshops for their attendees. Judging by their signal film, ASIFA/East continues to raise the bar for the rest of us. Hopefully, sometime soon, we here at ASIFA/Central will be able to hold our own screening night as we wait patiently for KAFI to come back to life.