Sunday, February 3, 2019

Animated Thoughts: The 46th Annie Awards

Well, the 46th Annie Awards ceremony has come and gone. Some random thoughts I had during the ceremony:
  • "The Ventura Brothers"... wut!?
  • I put Mind Palace by the Filmakademie Badem-Württemberg GmbH on my list of films to track down.
  • Weekends won the Best Animated Short Subject award, and deservedly so.
  • Always glad to see Gobelins, L'École de L'Image get some recognition.
  • Even more glad to see Age of Sail get some recognition. Need to take a closer look at Google Spotlight Stories.
  • Wow! Am impressed by what films they're preserving -- especially those Terrytoons films. Wish we could get a screening of those out here for our ASIFA chapter!
  • Am pleasantly surprised to see how much mileage studios are getting out of older properties like Rocky & Bullwinkle, Mickey Mouse, and Tom & Jerry.
  • "Hi Brooke!" *waves back* :)
  • The Blender demo reel was pretty impressive!
  • Hrm... I like those ASIFA Hollywood lapel pins...
  • Am baffled by how many awards Spider-man is getting. The animation in the trailers looks so choppy it's really distracting. Welp. That tears it. Gonna have to go see the movie for myself.
  • Sometimes the jokes go on a little too long. Remember what Bill Plympton taught us: Keep it short, keep it funny!
  • Every time they bring up Bill and Sue Kroyer, I have visions of sitting in the Odeon theater and seeing Technological Threat for the first time.
  • Huh. So that's what Pinky and the Brain look like.
  • Next year, need to download the program before the ceremony.
  • "the right voice can make or break a cartoon..." Wow. That one statement needs to be hammered into the consciousness of every director (he said after watching one too many bad English dubs).
  • "We love you Brock Sampson!"
  • All the films in the Best Independent Feature category look so amazing! Fortunately, I've seen Ce Magnifique Gâteau and will see MFKZ, Ruben Brandt, Collector, and Tito and the Birds at TAAFI this month.
  • And Japanese animation gets some well deserved recognition. I can't wait to see Mirai. Once it's released on DVD, I must bump it up on my list of features to watch.
Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.