Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Animated Events: DFT Animation Club - My Life as a Zucchini

The third and final summer animation screening at the Detroit Institute of Arts' "DFT Animation Club" will be the Oscar Nominated film My Life as a Zucchini.

From the DIA's website:

"Saturday, August 12, 2017: 2:00 PM
Sunday, August 13, 2017: 2:00 PM
(Switzerland/France/2016—directed by Claude Barras)

After his mother’s sudden death, Zucchini is befriended by police officer Raymond, who accompanies him to his new foster home, where he meets other orphans his age. At first he struggles to find his place in this strange new environment, but with Raymond’s help and his newfound friends, Zucchini eventually learns to trust and to love as he searches for a new family of his own. Showcased at the Cannes Film Festival and nominated for Best Animated Feature at both the Academy Awards® and the Golden Globe Awards®, Zucchini is brought to vivid life through its memorable characters and expressive stop-motion animation – a story that soars with laughter, sorrow, and joy, an enchanting testament to the resilience of the human heart.

This English-language version stars Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Ellen Page and Amy Sedaris. Recommended for ages 12 to adult. (66 min.)"

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the following link: http://www.dia.org/auxiliaries/event.aspx?id=6441&iid=7765&aux_id=14&cid=100.