Thursday, January 1, 2015

Animated Thoughts: All good things, etc, etc...

As you may have noticed, despite the backdating of my festival review blog posts, I actually dropped off the grid over the last half of 2014. This was due to overwork. What with my working too many hours per week and doing research and interviews for my women of animated film blog, something had to give. Unfortunately, it was my Smudge Animation blog. As I look towards 2015 - 2016 and what my obligations are, life is rapidly becoming a game of resource management where I begrudgingly have to admit that I cannot do everything.

When I started to see the cracks starting to form a couple years ago, my plan shifted to maintaining a monthly blog where I'd post one animated short that I felt deserved a wider audience and follow it up with an "animated thought" post covering a wide range of topics. So while I'll still post things like my festival visits, woman animator interviews, and projects I'm working on, these blog posts will become a little less frequent over the next year as I get caught up on my Women in animation research and independent animation production.

Apologies to those of you who followed my musings religiously (hi Mom). But on the bright side, by reducing the number of blog posts, it'll allow me to be more purposeful with my thoughts.

Thank you all for reading them. :)