Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animated Inspiration: Michel Gagné - the Saga of Rex

Last August, I posted about Michel Gagné's 30-second animation: 'The Saga of Rex', a short trailer based on a graphic novel he published through Image Comics. Over the past year, Mr. Gagné ran a successful Kickstarter campaign which netted him enough funds to produce the first four minutes and 30 seconds of animation in what he plans to be a feature-length animated film.

He asked for $15,000 and got a whopping $57,875 to produce four minutes of animation. If you've seen his work on Pixar's 'Ratatouille', his video game 'Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet' on X-Box Live, or his earlier animation 'Prelude to Eden' then you know that 'Saga of Rex' is worth every penny!

If you get a chance, visit his homepage at www.gagneint.com where Mr. Gagné talks about producing 'Rex', has links to his other animations, and most importantly for collectors like myself, has a webstore where you can buy his books and DVDs of his independent animations.

The premiere of 'The Saga of Rex' was today on his YouTube account: michelgagnefx and can be viewed below.