Monday, February 25, 2013

Animated Thoughts: Academy Awards Aftermath

Well, the Academy Awards show is over and all the animated short films, save PES's "Fresh Guacamole", have been blocked from public viewing on YouTube. Hope you watched them when you had the chance. While I'm sure that we'll see "Paperman" and "The Longest Daycare" attached to a feature-length DVD release, I'm a little less optimistic about the beautifully produced shorts "Adam and Dog" and "Head Over Heels".

This brings up an interesting issue: how do you run that balance between getting people to see your work and getting paid for showing your work? As next month's women in animation blog posts are taking up my time, I'm going to have to file that thought for further research. But for now, Lucas Martell of the "Pigeon Impossible" blog has some insights worth reading based upon his first-hand experience. Click the following link to read his blog post "Making Money Off of Short Films, part 1" as he breaks down the different distribution methods and provides his experiences and opinions on each one.