Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Animated Inspiration: Combattler V

Here's one for you nostalgia buffs. So earlier this month, Anime News Network reported that Kyoraku Sangyo was making a pachinko machine with re-recorded and re-animated segments from 1976's animation: Chōdenji Robo Combattler V. Here's the opening sequence from the series, re-animated for the pachinko machine with the original song re-recorded by TK+9 Factory:

Looking at the camera angles, shot selection, editing, polished visuals, animation and effects, it's clear that while this video might reflect what is in my memories when I remember watching shows like these, it is clearly not what was broadcast in 1976!

Oftentimes, I'll watch animated series and shows from my youth (Mazinger Z, Voltron, Robotech, Speed Racer, Gamera, Godzilla, etc.) and will come to the sad conclusion that these shows appeared far more, ah, polished when I was a kid. It's even more telling when you watch shows with an animation degree and first hand knowledge of animation production since you can see every place where the production company cut corners to get the product finished and out the door.

Although, in the case of the above video, I think that what we're seeing is more than just a limited budget and the target audience being a kids show. When I review the old Combattler V videos and compare them to this video, it's clear what a pronounced effect the leaps in technology from 1976 to 2012 have made.

Now, if they can relaunch the old GaiKing series, perhaps it's time to revisit some of the other giant robot shows like Dangard Ace, Mighty Raydeen, and Mazinger Z and reproduce them with today's technology!