Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Animated Inspiration: 'Fuddles' and 'Lorenzo'

Cartoon Brew just posted this trailer created by Disney animator Frans Vischer.  Apparently, this animation is for a children's book that he created, called "Fuddles", which is due out in May.

Now, compare the motion of the cat in the "Fuddles" trailer with this trailer for the 2004 Disney animated short film: "Lorenzo."

Obviously, "Lorenzo" and "Fuddles" have two different takes on cats. Fuddles' action is more realistic and cat-like whereas Lorenzo's action is far more anthropomorphized. However, the acting in both animations hold true. There's no mistaking the weight and mass in the characters' bodies. And there are lots of good poses that illustrate the essence of their characters' motivations. Fuddles is the jolly old fat cat who remembers a day when he was a lot more spry but just can't seem to pull off those moves anymore. Lorenzo is having a supernatural experience with his big bushy tail and is freaking out over it!

Having had the pleasure of seeing the entire "Lorenzo" animated short at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, I truly wish that Disney would release "Lorenzo" like they did with "Little Drummer Girl" and "Destino." It's far too good of a film to keep in the Disney vault forever.