Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Animated Inspiration: Ice Creams

Okay, I just love these dialogue-free animations. This is due in part to how they are more accessible to a wider audience that doen't speak the language of the animator. The other reason is because they force the animator to really show off their skill at translating body language into their character animation. Definitely watch this animation by UK's Bird Box Studio in full-screen mode to get the most out of the character animation.

At its core, this is a short gag film, but what really sells it is the motion of the characters. Not only do they have mass but they have believable motion that is specific to the person. The little girl is slower and a little unsteady in her own skin, almost bordering on being overcautious. The little boy's motion is energetic and innocent, bordering on foolhardy. And the father is quickly overwhelmed as he tries to be everywhere at once. Just watching how the characters move, my suspension of belief transitions seamlessly into the animated medium and I'm left believing that the animator saw something like this happen in real life--and all it took was a few simple exaggerations to create a funny and absurd film.