Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Animated Inspiration: Brendan and the Secret of Kells & Fedot the Hunter

Since I missed last week due to the holiday (and travelling for work), I'll post two animations this week. The first is a trailer for "Brendan and the Secret of Kells"--the tale of Ireland's greatest national treasure, a visual feast by Cartoon Saloon. This film will be playing in the States next year and after seeing it at the Waterloo Fest, I highly recommend taking the kids to see this one.

The second film for this week is 'Fedot the Hunter'. "With a storyline based on Russian folk tales, 'Fedot' is a social and political satire on contemporary realities of life in Russia. Characters mix archaic Russian language, typical for folklore, with neologisms of modern Russian, providing additional comic effect." This feature-length film is on Google Video, with English Subtitles. Again, having seen this at WFAC, this is another good film to watch with older kids, though you might have to explain some concepts.